Company on The Carneddi © Nikki Sommers

How much support and assistance you recruit is up to you. Some of you will be capable of cruising round in the worst winter conditions solo, on-sight and unsupported. Others will be grateful for all the support and preparation they can get.

The less support you have the higher the risk will be. So we feel obligated to suggest you use the maximum support possible. We understand that some of you will feel that that level of support is unnecessary, environmentally unfriendly, and reduces the challenge and enjoyment or the round.

Purely from a safety perspective, however we feel required to recommend:

  • 8 support runners; 2 for each leg. So if there is a problem one can call/go for help and the other can deal with the issue.
  • A boat at each swim with two or more suitably equipped people on board who can easily handle the craft and get you out of the water if required.
  • A support vehicle and driver that can pick you up from any escape routes and quickly get you warm.
  • A support team who is capable of keeping pace, navigating, keeping you warm, fed and hydrated, carrying your kit if required, providing mental support and doing first aid.
  • Changes of clothing, spare shoes, food, water, sun cream, and replacement kit available between sections.
  • Knowledge of how to call for assistance (by phone, text, PBL or on foot) and what assistance is available locally (for example defibrillators)
Traversing between Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dafydd

Local accommodation and food

The Snowdon Inn offers good value bunkhouse style accommodation, camping, and Food just outside of Llanberis

Snowdonia Watersports offer supported swims, safety cover, wetsuit hire, paddle board and kayak hire. They also sell wetsuits and float bags, among other things.